What Now?

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Now What? If you've ever started a business of any kind, you know what I mean. It's a little overwhelming. Once we both set our minds to making Triple Faith a reality, there was no "what ifs". We began speaking our truth. We knew there were MANY steps that had to take place before a  launch. Our goal launching date was to do a soft opening on Black Friday and the weekend after it. Then, Cyber Monday would be our big launch. That seemed manageable. Until you think about the fact that we officially became a LLC on November 5! Hahahahahahahaha! Are we crazy or what?! It is true that most of the research regarding the legal part of it I had already done prior to taking the idea to Shelly. We started our lists. We checked them twice. We knew everything had to be done legally and in a way to prepare for future growth. We didn't want to have to back track later. What all was involved? Ohhh, that's a blog all in itself...maybe even an ebook! There was legal paperwork to file, legal counsel to consider, trademark searches to be done, and so much more! We are both systematic thinkers, so we grabbed the next task. We completed it. We moved on to the next task. There were times the fast pace and impending launch date were a little overwhelming. I know it especially was for Shelly. She still had a mommy schedule that came first. At one point, I was getting legal counsel at Star Bucks in the mall during a day of Christmas shopping with my mom. My friends, it is not easy to sound professional in a mall! We learned that figuring out tax related issues can make you feel so much less about yourself. :( We didn't let that sidetrack us from our goal. In daunting times we kept our eyes forward. We knew there would come a day we would turn around and see how much we had accomplished. We carried on...and we became a legal company!

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