No Greater Love

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This Memorial Day holiday has me thinking about the verse from the Bible that says, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." --John 15:13. (And what about laying down your life for people...and future generations of people you have never even met?) Oh my gives me goose bumps thinking of the bravery and sacrifice. And because of my mind lingering on this verse...along with a conversation I had recently with a friend...I have been contemplating friendships.  Am I a good friend? I hope so. I truly do. But the truth is I can't say I always fit that description. I describe myself as an outgoing introvert.  I'm not shy, but I am a home body. I have a lot of friends, but my circle of confidants is tight. I have more than one person I call a "best friend". That's because friends can be your "best" in different ways.  But here's something I know I am. I know I am trustworthy. I know I will never build myself up to tear a friend down. I know I am happy to see my friends achieve, better themselves, or have good things happen to them. Do you have someone in your circle of close friends that you can't say this about? Yes? You owe it to yourself to step back. I know for sure that we teach people how to treat us. There is a point where allowing certain behaviors to continue makes us enablers. I'm not talking about deserting a friend, who is going through a hard time and may be lashing out some. I'm talking about distancing yourself from a person, who is a habitual taker... a person, who never considers YOU first... a person, who is always hurting your heart. A true friend shouldn't constantly need reminded that YOU have needs too. I am not the person you want to vent to about one of my close friends. And I don't worry about my close confidants talking about me behind my back. If you have someone in your close circle you can't say the same about, then ease them out of your circle. No, it doesn't mean you have to completely end the friendship. You can't give yourself true love if you are a constant door mat for someone else. You can't give yourself true love if your heart is in a constant turmoil about words a "good friend" has spoken to you. Sometimes relationships change. That's ok. It doesn't mean you wish ill for someone, when a friendship changes or ends. It doesn't mean you are suddenly enemies. Some time ago I heard someone say something that I can't get out of my mind. She said, "God doesn't always mean for all things...even good last forever." I already knew this. So do you. But sometimes hearing something voiced out loud is a game changer. If you are in a difficult friendship, read that quote again. Say it out loud. Call me, and I'll whisper it gently to your heart. "God doesn't always mean for all things...even good last forever." *Thanks for reading our blog. Use code blog10 to receive 10% off your online order.*


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