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 Hi, everyone! It's been a minute since a blog has happened. We had our focus elsewhere during the Christmas holiday. As you know, (if not, check out our About Us section), we are both teachers. We have had a transition time back to school...getting back to the teaching and tutoring routine...etc. We are ready now to show you some more behind the brand fun! We knew, when we opened for business, that we wanted to be a presence in the community. We didn't want to just be online. So we chose to also do some pop up boutiques. Our first one was at a fundraiser for a precious baby boy. Our area was right next to some PROFESSIONAL pop up people. They had it GOING ON. We did not. However, we were determined. We were going to "fake it" til we could "make it" so to speak. (Is that how that saying goes?) We had our lists (because list makers are world changers). We had gone over the set up procedure for maximum efficiency. Both of our vehicles were filled to the max...because we took all we needed in one car...then filled the other one with "in case" stuff. LOL! Yes, that's how two "type A" teachers roll. And then one of us developed a very painful muscle spasm thing in her neck the day before. No, we didn't cancel. Because that's what smart people would do! Just kidding. We couldn't go down like that. Thankfully, the morning of the event the neck was still painful but better.  Bless Shelly's heart for doing most of the heavy lifting part of the set up and never once complaining. She was amazing. We had never set up the tent canopy or the awesome wooden clothing display rack that my wonderful husband built. But I had him talk me through the set up for both before hand. So what could go wrong? The set up actually went great! We did it as quickly as possible, while the experts next to us were busy. We had lots of fun in the heat that day. We ended up learning a lot from the experts beside us. He loved to stand next to us and share! HA! Then it was time to tear it down. It was fine. It was faster than the 1 1/2 or so hours it took to set up. But let me ask you this. Is there any among you that can actually fold that canopy tent nicely and get it back into that tiny bag? If so, hats off to you! Christy and Shelly could not that day. We were determined not to let our new best friends next to us see that though! We waited til their backs were turned and crammed that thing in the car OUT of the bag. "Nobody got time for that!"  It was a great fundraising cause and learning experience. Here are some pictures from a different fundraiser we did. This one was a Relay for Life event. The theme was Disney.


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