A Leap of Faith

Posted by Christy Steele on

Soooo...in the interest of begin transparent (and the fact that writing is a therapeutic outlet for me) the ramblings of a Triple Faith Blogger have begun. How did Triple Faith, LLC come about? I have had brewing in my mind for several years that I wanted to do something online. I had a blog several years ago. I have a notebook of ideas. I'm a "think outside the box" kind of girl and a secret research geek. I am a strong believer in God's timing. I felt a pulling on my heart that the timing was right, and I approached two of my closest friends about opening up an online boutique. Unfortunately, one of the friends, after prayerful consideration, felt the timing wasn't right for her. The other friend, Shelly, took the leap with me. We haven't looked back. So why TRIPLE faith? Well, that name was decided when we thought we were a triple. We are still a triple. God is our partner. We took the idea to our husbands. Without hesitation they encouraged us to do it. Were we scared to embark on this journey? I think once we set the wheels in motion we were more scared NOT to go for it. I love the saying, "What if i fail? Oh my darling, but what if you FLY?" I had that resonating in my head. Or in the words of the famous Carol Burnett (I think?), "I'm gonna live, live, live until the day I die!"

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